Sex in Virtual Reality: “20% Sex and 80% Therapy”

Sex in Virtual Reality: “20% Sex and 80% Therapy”

VR entrepreneur and porn actress Ela Darling sees virtual reality cam sex as one of the few remaining ways to earn money with pornography. At the VR Conference Digility she talked about intimacy and US moral understanding.

The room was packed with joy at Ela Darling’s appearance at the Cologne VR and AR conference Digility – no wonder: Pornography is rarely talked about at tech conferences; and even rarer of people who really know. Darling used to work as a librarian but has been shooting porn for six years; since 2014 primarily in the form of 180- and 360-degree videos which can be found on platforms like; The company VRTube.XXX co-founded it.

For Darling, virtual reality is one of the few remaining ways to make money with pornography – after all, conventional videos are now masses of free to have on the net. In the hands play the porn producers thereby the predominant in the USA moral conceptions: “Normal” (Tech-) enterprises must according to Darling under no circumstances have something to do with porn; at least not if they do not want to upset investors, board members and clients. Therefore, the lucrative business would be left to porn companies like theirs, Darling said.

It’s Live

Especially popular are live cam sex shows in 360-degree, reported Ela Darling in Cologne. She herself equipped her private bedroom with a 360-degree camera to stream CAM4VR shows directly from there. What fascinates them is the greater intimacy compared to “normal” pornography. So you have the opportunity to make a real connection; And that is also what the customers are most interested in. Ela’s shows are also known from websites like this one about your virtual reality adult needs.

Darling has also noticed that customers are much friendlier to VR cam sex than anywhere else on the net – and when someone crosses the borders, he is directly rebuked by other customers, Darling says. People would rather behave like in real life and not like on the internet.


The intense intimacy is also a big challenge for sex workers. You have to think carefully about how much you want to give. Darling: “You have to cultivate an authentic personality without revealing too much of yourself.”

All in all, the clientele would be primarily concerned with validation rather than the fulfillment of sexual fantasies, according to Darling: “Working as a cam performer is 20% sex and 80% therapy talk.”