Breasts Slapped In The Face?

Breasts Slapped In The Face?

Porn Star Stormy Daniels arrested at the Strip Club

Porn actress Stormy Daniels (39), the alleged ex-player of US President Trump (72), has briefly been arrested in a strip club in Colombus (Ohio).

On Thursday, the Columbus police first accused her of physically touching several visitors to the restaurant in violation of regional legislation. However, the accusations were dropped only a short time later.

Breasts slapped in the Face?

The lawyer Michael Avenatti (47) tweetted about the event. According to Avenatti, Daniels was arrested during a performance in a strip joint because she allowed a viewer to touch her in a non-sexual way.

At her performance in the “Sirens Gentlemen’s Club” the 39-year-old, dressed only in a thong, is said to have “clapped” her breasts against the faces of visitors according to a detailed court document on stage.

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Daniels’ Lawyer sees Conspiracy

The three police officers then approached the stripper, according to the local radio station WSYX. Clifford then pressed their faces one by one against their breasts. She is also said to have grabbed one of the male policemen’s buttocks.

Avenatti considered this accusation irrelevant shortly after the arrest and was sure that Daniels would soon be released from prison on bail again.

“We will vehemently deny all charges,” explained Avenatti. According to him, the initiative for physical contact had come from the officials.

Is The US President behind the Arrest?

The resolute lawyer claims that Daniel’s arrest was planned and “politically motivated”.

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Is he suggesting that US President Donald Trump has something to do with the accusations against Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford?

Daniels is said to have had sex with Donald Trump in October 2006 while he was already married to his wife Melania.

Daniels is said to have collected Hush Money

In October 2016, shortly before the presidential election, Michael Cohen, the former lawyer of Donald Trump, is said to have used a company he founded to pay Daniels 130,000 dollars (106,000 euros) for signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Despite the “hush money”, Daniels spoke publicly about sex with the US President. Trump vehemently denied the accusations.
That’s why Stormy got out.

A law in the Midwestern state of Ohio prohibits strippers who perform naked or half-naked in clubs from coming into physical contact with visitors.

However, the law only applies to self-decoat specialists who regularly appear in the restaurant in question. However, this is not the case for Stormy Daniels and the Sirens Gentleman’s Club. Therefore, at the request of a public prosecutor, the allegations made against them were dropped in three cases of “illegal sexually oriented activity in a sexually oriented business.