Sex in Virtual Reality: “20% Sex and 80% Therapy”

Sex in Virtual Reality: “20% Sex and 80% Therapy”

VR entrepreneur and porn actress Ela Darling sees virtual reality cam sex as one of the few remaining ways to earn money with pornography. At the VR Conference Digility she talked about intimacy and US moral understanding.

The room was packed with joy at Ela Darling’s appearance at the Cologne VR and AR conference Digility – no wonder: Pornography is rarely talked about at tech conferences; and even rarer of people who really know. Darling used to work as a librarian but has been shooting porn for six years; since 2014 primarily in the form of 180- and 360-degree videos which can be found on platforms like; The company VRTube.XXX co-founded it.

For Darling, virtual reality is one of the few remaining ways to make money with pornography – after all, conventional videos are now masses of free to have on the net. In the hands play the porn producers thereby the predominant in the USA moral conceptions: “Normal” (Tech-) enterprises must according to Darling under no circumstances have something to do with porn; at least not if they do not want to upset investors, board members and clients. Therefore, the lucrative business would be left to porn companies like theirs, Darling said.

It’s Live

Especially popular are live cam sex shows in 360-degree, reported Ela Darling in Cologne. She herself equipped her private bedroom with a 360-degree camera to stream CAM4VR shows directly from there. What fascinates them is the greater intimacy compared to “normal” pornography. So you have the opportunity to make a real connection; And that is also what the customers are most interested in. Ela’s shows are also known from websites like this one about your virtual reality adult needs.

Darling has also noticed that customers are much friendlier to VR cam sex than anywhere else on the net – and when someone crosses the borders, he is directly rebuked by other customers, Darling says. People would rather behave like in real life and not like on the internet.


The intense intimacy is also a big challenge for sex workers. You have to think carefully about how much you want to give. Darling: “You have to cultivate an authentic personality without revealing too much of yourself.”

All in all, the clientele would be primarily concerned with validation rather than the fulfillment of sexual fantasies, according to Darling: “Working as a cam performer is 20% sex and 80% therapy talk.”


It is really, really close to real sex.

Sentences like “Your breasts,… they are right in front of me”, “This woman is right in front of me” or a desperate “What do you want from me?

The experience seems to be quite realistic. After the performance, Wong only says ironically: “That was a bit intense”. And then he asks laughing: “Is there more of it? His colleague Brian Tong from “CNET” also reacts to his first VR porn experience with a lot of uncertain giggling.
“I’m getting warm”

After apologizing to his mother and his fiancée, he tests a version of the porn demo – apparently a bit slimmed down – in front of an audience at CES. He, too, seems visibly impressed, says “Mir wird warm” and gives off occasional rutting cries à la “Duuuude” (in English “Aaaalter”) and “Uuuuuh”.

After the demo it is openly admitted that listening and speaking are quite difficult for him after this experience. Even if virtual reality glasses are still a very expensive fun at the moment: An application case that brings the new technology closer to the masses should probably be found.

Virtual Reality Porn: Present and Future

It is often claimed that the porn industry helps Virtual Reality to succeed. In fact, Virtual Reality could lead the porn industry to new shores. Today, few people are willing to spend money on porn content. High-quality VR videos, however, are so large that streaming is often not a sensible option and therefore only the download from the portals of the providers remains. You can find the best vr porn sites here.


So is VR porn a worthwhile business?

Virtual Reality Sex in the Present Time

The “Eurowebtainment” conference brought together various companies more or less related to the porn industry. Not only direct content providers were represented here, but also companies that deal with e-mail addresses, process payments or act as collection service providers.

Virtual reality porn is on everyone’s lips, but the event was less noticeable than we would have expected. Although there was a small round of lectures on the topic and a subsequent discussion, there was no real hype yet. Rather, the impression was given that Virtual Reality was only an intermediate stage to the perfect porn experience. Similar to the gaming industry, the porn industry dreams of bringing the depicted scenes directly into your living room. But perhaps this is already possible to a certain extent with current VR glasses?

We met Stefan Geisler, who produces 180-degree videos for RealityLovers. According to Geisler, 3D 180-degree videos are currently the best way to display porn in VR. Currently, there is no 360-degree camera that meets the demands of producers. The 180-degree videos are also based on available equipment, which, however, has been heavily modified. According to Geisler, such a system is also the current standard in the scene, because one would rather create a beautiful picture in front of the user than a mediocre picture that completely surrounds the user.

In order to achieve a higher level of intimacy, the company is currently experimenting with 180-degree shots recorded in front of a green screen. The user can then select the desired background himself and also use his own 360-degree photos. The user can thus bring the actor directly into his or her desired environment, creating the illusion of being in a complete 360-degree scene. A similar principle is also known to us from NOYS VR. A musician is filmed in a green screen and then placed on a virtual stage. A real person is placed in an environment in which the VR user can move freely.

Live sex shows in VR? Thinkable.

RealityLovers also wants to offer added value and provides current VR recordings in two different versions. There is a POV version and an observer version. This has the advantage that the viewer does not have to identify with the actors, but can also simply observe the action. Many people probably experience a worse immersion if the actor of the POV version does not fit their own appearance.

A very big problem of the porn industry seems to be that no corresponding players with pornographic content for iOS or Android may be provided in the corresponding stores. This means that many users are denied access to high-quality VR content on their smartphones.

Virtual reality porn in the future

What became clear during the lecture and the conversation with him is the fact that the technology is not yet ready to offer a completely immersive experience today. That’s why people are also very interested in volumetric videos that allow the user to move something in the scene shown.

Nevertheless, the direction seems clear: Augmented Reality Porn or Mixed Reality Porn could change the industry more than the current Virtual Reality technology. The holograms in your own living room make a much more intimate situation possible, and with the right accessories the right feedback could be provided.

But if we use live holograms and accessories that allow feedback to be synchronized, are we still talking about porn or are we in some kind of gap between porn and sex for sale?

 VR porn can be so funny

More a smile than a blush: Complex Media has tried out how entertaining a porn can be with Samsung’s Gear VR – and filmed the whole thing.

Let’s be honest: Without the porn industry there wouldn’t be many beautiful things. Blurays, for example. The industry has preferred HD-DVD discs. Shortly thereafter it was history and Bluray had established itself as the standard. But the so-called “porn innovation” started earlier. In the 80s, for example, the multi-frequency dialling method had prevailed over the old dial on telephones. It was the time when sex hotlines were booming. And the broadband internet in the 90s was needed above all for uploading and downloading large pictures and videos – you understand?

This type of “porn innovation” will not stop in 2015 either. This year Virtual Reality could finally reach the mass market after so many attempts. Whether Google’s cardboard version, the expensive Oculus Rift or Samsung’s VR, which converts the Note 4 into a display: The technology is there. Now it needs sufficient application possibilities. Gaming is one alternative, porn is another. After the so-called POV porn (short for Point of View), some studios have discovered virtual reality for themselves.

That changes everything

The immersion, i.e. the…excuse…penetration into the virtual world should be even more intensive. Complex Media has tried this out with some of its employees. Men and women have been fitted with a Samsung Gear VR and headphones. The reaction is anything but obscene, rather amusing: While all test persons confirm that it is more fun to be the man in the video, most of them have to suppress their laughter all the time.

The conclusion is clear: “That changes everything.”

The following clip is, in my opinion, safe-for-work, after all, all the explicit scenes were censored. Here in the editorial office, the entertaining clip at least made a lot of laughs. Maybe you should put on the headphones for the clip.

VR-Porn is still in its infancy, at least according to some producers. So far there is no standardized equipment for the production of such films. In this respect, there is still little material available. But the trend towards virtual sex is noticeable. The manufacturers of sex toys are also working under high pressure to create erotic experiences with the help of the cloud. Other companies are working on using 3D scanners to capture the female body for cyberspace.

Like all technological advances, this development cannot be halted. But is Samsung enthusiastic about the use of his VR glasses in the above case? Hardly. However, every PR is good PR. And am I the only one who has to think of the legendary scene from “Demolition Man” during this development?

Virtual Reality: Breakthrough thanks to porn?

Sex sells – even in virtual reality. More and more channels with VR content for adults are sprouting up on the net. This is not the first time that the porn industry has been able to help a new technology achieve a broad breakthrough.

That was clear, many will think. It is clear that at some point the porn industry would be ready to enter the world of Virtual Reality (VR).

According to an analysis by the US investment bank Piper Jaffray, video games account for by far the largest share of VR content consumed worldwide. But now one of the heavyweights of the porn industry is about to roll up the field.

The advertising-financed streaming provider PornHub, the world’s largest on the market, has added a virtual reality category to its offering and offers it – like all other content – free of charge.

60 million visitors daily

A push that could now finally help the entire VR industry to make a breakthrough. While the VR games, however big they may be, only play a role for a relatively limited community, the PornHub initiative will appeal to a silent, but expectant and broad mass.

PornHub is ranked 60th by Alexa’s Internet reach analysts among the world’s most visited websites.

According to the porn streamer itself, around 60 million visitors risk a short or slightly longer look at the illustrious films “for adults” every day – a lot for the fact that nobody actually knows the site.

“Virtual Reality is the next phase in the constantly changing world of adult entertainment,” predicts PornHub Vice President Corey Price.

“Harley Gets a Tune Up” in the 180-degree field of vision
The content in PornHub’s VR channel is produced by BaDoinkVR, one of the pioneers in this business. For the sex movies with the new imaging technology, the complete field of view of 180 degrees is usually recorded, but 360-degree videos for a panoramic view are also available for download.

Now consumers only need suitable VR glasses to look back and forth with relish in films such as “Harley Gets a Tune Up” or “Dominate and Be Dominated”.

The pioneers Facebook (Oculus), Samsung (Gear) and HTC (Vive) can also look forward to this, because their VR glasses models are supported for these special VR trips and should provide ringing cash registers.

According to estimates by Piper Jaffray, VR porn on the US market alone could generate one billion US dollars in 2025 and thus represent one of the largest sources of income in the field of VR content.

Startups rely on VR porn

In view of such abundant forecasts, it is not surprising that more and more porn providers are jumping on VR technology. VirtualRealPorn from Spain, for example, the most popular commercial provider in the industry, is one of very few companies that already earns money only with VR content.

A handful of software developers and photographers saw the boom apparently coming and founded the startup three years ago. Meanwhile, the company publishes weekly sex movies exclusively in 180-degree perspective. In the USA, more than a dozen VR porn start-ups were formed last year.

Other players in the industry include Naughty America and the Canadian company Utherverse Digital, which offers the world’s largest adult virtual community, the “Red Light Center”, in which an avatar like in “Second Life” can experience all kinds of erotic adventures.

Sex content already helped VHS to its breakthrough

It would not be the first time that erotic contents help innovations in media technology to break through. As early as the 1980s, the competition between the video cassette formats Video 2000, Betamax and VHS decided in favour of the latter.

And why? Exactly: The Japanese CE giants JVC and Panasonic, in contrast to Philips for example, allowed Video 2000 to sell pornography in VHS format.

Cable television and much later streaming video also owed their success to a not inconsiderable extent to their early partnership with the sex film industry.

More than a third of all traffic on the Internet has to do with naked women and men, according to the analysis company Similarweb.

Porn is popular – and can be a potent partner for VR technology.